The Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (est. 1997) is a high-end additive manufacturing company, specializing in the medical field.

The world of 3D printing unleashed on all levels, entry, intermediate and high end printing (including metals). We employ the latest additive manufacturing technology to help meet our client’s needs in every area.

Our client base is wide, encompassing aerospace, foundry, injection moulding, architecture, military and automotive industries as well as many more companies that require rapid prototyping of products. Our Centre has been awarded ISO 13485 confirming our capabilities to produce medical implants/devices via additive manufacturing, the only centre of its kind in Africa.
We specialise in;
• 3D Printing
• Selective Laser Sintering
• Direct Metal Laser Sintering
• PolyJet
• Titanium Printing
• Tooling Printing
• Medical Components

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