Staff and students from the department of electrical, electronics and computer engineering held an interactive lecture via Skype with fellow students from the Ulm University on the 18th of May. Students and lecturers contributed in the effective use of this technology as an important teaching and learning tool. The idea of the lecture is to allow students and the academic staff in different continents an opportunity where they are able to exchange ideas and share knowledge on their engineering course, Control Systems 3. Control Systems 3 is an exit level course in the national diploma programme at the universities. It combines the knowledge of mathematics, electronics and electrical engineering that the students have learned from their previous course. “There have been instances where our students get the chance to sit for this class from this interactive lecture did apportion of their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at the Ulm University, which is encouraging to them,” said Mr. Rangith Kuriakose, Project Coordinator and Lecturer in the department of electrical, electronics and computer engineering at CUT. Students were split into 5 groups of four group members, each group had a project to complete. The manufacturing, engineering and related services sector education and training authority (merSETA) funded these projects under Prof. Dilip Das and Prof. Mohammed Mostafa, while Opti-num Solutions provided technical support in the form of Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license to CUT for MATLAB software. CUT is one of the recipients of the TAH licence in Africa and Opti-num Solutions that has the distributing authority in Sub-Saharan Africa. The team from CUT designed an ON/OFF temperature controller using Simulink and Arduino while their counterparts in Ulm University, headed by Prof. Walter Commerell, modelled and efficient classroom temperature controller using Simulink. “I am proud to say that we have grown from where we were now and our partnership is already bearing fruits as some of our students have done a portion of their  WIL at Ulm University. Our communication channels are more open and better than before. We want to send our sincere gratitude to our sponsors for making this interaction a success, Mr. Paul Victor and Stefan Ferreira (Audio-Visual support officers) who ensured that there were no technical glitches during the video conference,” said Mr Rangith Kuriakose. 

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