The engineering council of South Africa (ECSA) in partnership with the Central University of Technology, Free State have successfully launched a satellite office on the CUT Bloemfontein campus, making it the third province in SA to have ECSA offices after Gauteng and the Eastern Cape provinces. The ECSA is a statutory body established in 2000 in terms of the Engineering profession Act (EPA), 46 of 2000. The primary role of the ECSA is  to regulate the engineering profession in terms of the act. At the core of its functions is the accreditation of engineering programmes, registration of persons as professional engineers in specified categories and the regulation of the practice of those registered persons.

The stakeholder committee chairperson of the ECSA, said CUT was specifically chosen because it is a public institution for the people. “This innovation is heralding a new dawn in the industry. We are thrilled to have offices in your vicinity, which is a clear indication that ECSA is committed to bringing operations to its stakeholders. We are happy to be moving away form centralised operations and giving our people access to services and increase our visibility.”

ECSA council member Mr. Nick van Den Berg, when elaborating on the purpose of the day, said that registered professionals will be able to access the offices near them with the tailored services to suit they region. “Our main aim is to increase our visibility, encourage more professionals to register, promote partnerships with societies in the general and increase a pool of engineers who will ultimately play crucial roles in their regions.”

An online system and an academic self service portal that will enable professionals to track progress of their applications without visiting their offices, said Engineer, Mr. John Cato Executive for PDSG which will be more efficient and encourage more professionals to register. “Our professionals can just use their credentials to log in anywhere in their own comfort at their own time.”

Not only is this beneficial for the academics and the professionals but it will also benefit engineering students the most, said Prof. Fidelis Emuze, Acting Dean of Engineering who is overjoyed to be in partnership with the ECSA as an institution that supports and endorses science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This office will be available for registered professionals, candidate engineers in the region, queries that may arise, application for professional registration the ability to access the programme accreditation and recognition easily, as courses offered in the engineering faculty are also accredited by the ECSA. The office being on campus will make it much easier for students, registered professionals, to share ideas and developmental initiatives that the ECSA will have. It will definitely draw stakeholders nearer who will be visiting the offices often said Prof. Emuze.