The Central University of Technology signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday with the Black Management Forum (BMF) and later with the Central Media Group (CMG) as part of it’s commitment to build and foster key partnerships with various institutions to enable the university to initiate social and technological innovations towards the socio-economic development of the Central Region. Vice chancellor and principal of CUT, Prof. Henk De Jager stated: “We view the Central media group as a key media partner to support our vision in much broader ways than media. We want to make an imoact globally; most importantly in the region, and cannot achieve this without partnerships, as we need robust partnerships to help us position and reimagine CUT as a university”.

Prof. de Jager mentioned in his address that gone should be the days where CUT is referred to as a Technikon, he said that chapter needs to be closed and people need to appreciate CUT as a fully-fletched university of technology; focusing on innovative problem-solving, career directive, academic porgrammes and leading research programmes and contributing to technological innovations, he concluded. 

The CEO of the Central Media Group stated that they share a common goal with the Central University of Technology and that is to empower and uplift. She made mention that upliftment comes from two very vital elements, which are education and experience. The signing of this memorandum of understanding is an important course of action for CUT especially towards the institution’s 2020 Vision which is about building partnerships to contribute meaningfully to aspirations of the region in the areas of socio-economic transformatons, development and innovations.