The Central University of Technology hosted delegates from the Department of Science and Technology for the important discussion about the importance of international project partnerships, European Union funding opportunities available and how to apply for funding and the role of the department of science and technology as strategic support for institutions such as CUT. With this kind of support the Department of science and technology concluded that this will contribute towards the socio-economic development and also develop priority in science areas in South Africa.

For institutions like CUT, international project collaborations are important, these collaborations assist with excellent research in science, technology and engineering, it also helps tackle global societal issues and help build a mutual beneficial relationship between countries and it attracts talent and skills transfers between South Africa and other international communities with intent to adopt and support global and external policies. This should go to prove that we do not, as humans, survive in isolation. Even within institutions we need to better society by functioning as a community globally.

Photo from left: Mr. Leolyn Jackson (Director: international office); Ms Refilwe Moleyane (Academic exchange coordinator:International office); Mr. Tiyane Chauke (Assistant director: Strategic partnerships at DST) Ms Kogilam Govender (Deputy Director Global change and Sustainability SA NCP SC5: Climate action, Resource efficiency, Environment and Raw materials at DST; and Prof. Alfred Ngowi, deputy vice-chancellor: Research, Innovation and Engagement.