CUT branded Expert Student Back Pack, the latest innovation of material in Bags. It is neat, strong and looks young and cool. The bag has two compartments, a bigger back one where a Laptop can fit easily and the smaller front zipper compartment for your purse, pencil case, ruler and items that you need quickly in class. On the inside there is a hide-away pocket with a zip for your Mobile, MP3 or iPhone to listen to music. The earphones threads through a special opening for easy & comfortable listening. Attached to the front compartment on the outside is a carabiner on which a key could be attached to the bag or you can remove it. Two side mesh pockets for a mobile phone , water bottle, personal goodies or keys. The shoulder straps are padded and made of excellent quality strapping which is adjustable. There is also a hand handle to carry the bag like a suitcase.

Gifts inside the Bag:

  • Win Win Pouch which have two compartments and gives you ample space for stationery. Even an A5 notebook fits inside the pouch.
  • 8GB USB for your own data and information storage
  • High lighter pen – ready to be used in any class
  • POP Keyring with a bottle opener on the one end. Handy to have near you any time of the day.
  • A5 Notebook with a funky moptopper pen.
  • Lanyard branded with the CUT logo and a plastic card holder for your student card.
  • Very nice Pen holder with your own CUT branded Pen, pencil and Ruler. Also an eraser and sharpener inside.