In 2010, the Central University of Technology in the Free State, embarked on a pioneering trajectory to implement a vehicle responsible for the development and implementation of an innovation ecosystem; which would take the University and its community to the forefront of innovation, research, technology and into the future.

CUTis (Central University of Technology Innovation Services) was born and from a small fundraising unit it has since evolved to a multi-million, multi-faceted project hub. CUTis is thus responsible for the commercialisation of the University’s innovation and intellectual property portfolio and provides entrepreneurial (prototype) support and development and property rental and fundraising. An exciting part of CUTis’s mandate is the provision of short learning programmes the broader South African public.

With its activities securely based on four pillars namely – Commercial activities, Institute for Continuous Education, Property Management and Fundraising.

The Commercial endeavours are very closely linked our Technology Transfer Office, the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM), the Product Development Technology Station (PDTS) and the Research Unit for Evolvable and Manumation Systems (RGEMS). These provide a symbiotic relationship within the innovation ecosystem. The units, CRPM, RGEMS, PDTS and FABLAB are all fully fledged innovation hubs in their own right. CRPM (Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Machining) dominates the fast moving world of 3D printing and employs the latest additive manufacturing technology to meet industry needs.

PDTS (Product Development Technology Station) specialises in product design, prototyping and short run production, to help SMME’s with technological support to design and manufacture innovative new products.

The FABLAB is just that! Small enterprises access all the technological expertise created in our other centres and eventually mature into independent members of the Science Park which opens up a host of services, including management, accounting and financial services, networking, workshops and storage areas, adapted for each enterprise.

RGEMS (Research Unit for Evolvable and Manumation Systems) is all about systems, measuring, optimization, control and automation in the dynamically changing industrial environment.

Our units and services create a dynamic developmental environment for SMME’s to develop, innovate and learn to become global players in their industry.

The CUTis services underpin the values and standards that are aimed at –CUTis assists in generating new ideas in the Idea Generator, raising funds for manufacturing those ideas, registering the IP and in the end getting the idea into the market.

CUTis is all about innovation, invention and development, all things new and ground-breaking.

Why not come and talk to us? We’ll innovate together.